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Executives - CIOs, Architects and CEOs

Implement knowledge management without replacing your existing technology stack. FactEngine's information modelling and querying technology sits along side your existing database/s and data warehouse/lakes. Save time and money by building an information abstraction layer over existing assets.

The FactEngine Architecture is designed maximise the utility of existing database and data warehouse/lake assets by implementing a knowledge management layer that sits over or side-by-side with your existing data stores.

Many data warehouse/lake projects fail because of the effort and expense of migrating an enterprise model from one data platform to another. This includes failure to deliver a result in a timely manner. Knowledge management with a FactEngine Architecture allows you to successfully carry on business as usual while implementing a knowledge management regime. Use Boston to help transition to a new data stack architecture when it fits your agenda. Capture your enterprise model using natural business language and use FactEngine's technology to help migrate to a new data layer when you are ready.

Document Lineage

Document lineage plays an important role in corporate data governance and meeting legislative requirements in several ways:

  • Compliance - Many regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR etc require organizations to have transparency over data lineage - how it is collected, processed, shared and managed. Document lineage helps meet audit and compliance needs.
  • Records management - Legislation often mandates how long certain documents/records must be retained for. Document lineage provides audit trails required for proper records management.
  • E-discovery - In case of lawsuits or investigations, document lineage allows you to efficiently find and produce relevant documents required by courts/regulators.
  • Information governance - Document lineage enables organizations to form and implement better IG policies knowing how documents flow through their systems and users.
  • Security - Understanding document lineage helps identify sensitive documents and enhance protection from unauthorized access or leaks.
  • Accountability - Document lineage establishes clear accountability in document creation, revisions and sharing. This also helps identify lapses leading to leaks, improper access etc.

A comprehensive document lineage strategy, aligned with corporate policies enables you to meet governance, compliance and security goals while managing risks. Exploit FactEngine's document lineage tools to provide transparency and access over documents that are often legally required and their ties back to your data.