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FactEngine - Professional Engagement Documentation

There are several types of documents used professional engagements with FactEngine. Some of the primary types of documents used in a project with FactEngine may include:

  1. A Project Charter: This document outlines the purpose, goals, and stakeholders of the project, and sets the direction for the project team.

  2. Business Requirements Specification (BRS): This document captures the functional and non-functional requirements of the project from a business perspective, and serves as a basis for developing the project scope, design, and specifications.

  3. Functional Requirements Specification (FRS): This document defines the functional requirements of the system, including the features, functions, and user interactions required.

  4. Technical Design Document (TDD): This document describes the technical architecture and design of the system, including the technologies, tools, and platforms to be used.

  5. Test Plan and Test Cases: These documents outline the testing strategy and test cases to be executed to validate the system against the requirements.

  6. User Manuals and Training Materials: These documents provide instructions for end-users on how to use the system, as well as any training materials required to support the adoption of the system.

  7. Statement of Work (SOW): This document outlines the scope of work, deliverables, timeline, and budget for a professional IT engagement or project.

  8. Change Request (CR): This document is used to request changes to the project scope, timeline, or budget.

  9. Risk Management Plan: This document outlines the risks associated with the project and how they will be identified, mitigated, and managed.

  10. Project Status Reports: These documents provide regular updates on the status of the project, including progress, issues, risks, and next steps.