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Welcome to FactEngine


FactEngine builds products that empower you to maximise your data asset potential.

We have two main products that will interest you:

1. Boston - World-leading conceptual modelling software designed from the ground up to target modern data sources embracing relational and graph paradigms (Relational Knowledge Graphs); and

2. FactEngine - Revolutionary data warehouse/lake query technology that democratises the process of accessing data using either natural language or controlled natural language.


The Boston conceptual modelling software provides world-class conceptual modelling that exploits the benefits of Object-Role Modeling.

- Engage with the Boston Online Training to maximise your modelling experience with Boston.
- Learn the FactEngine Knowledge Language (FEKL) to master working with Boston's Virtual Analyst and for use in automated creation of Object-Role Models/Fact-Based Models.


FactEngine liberates your data assets by making database queries easy for both experts and novices.


Explore the FactEngine Query Language (FEQL) documentation to see how easy it is to query your data warehouse/lake and/or database.