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Object-Role Modeling 582

This course is designed for beginner or intermediate students of Object-Role Modeling who prefer in-person training to gain the maximal learning outcome.

Course Code: MORM582

Duration: 18 hours (over 3 days including breaks)

Prerequisite Requirements

Computer literacy
Conceptual Modeling experience is an advantage
Knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system


Object-Role Modeling is a highly-respected conceptual modelling language used by knowledge engineering professionals and academics world-wide. FactEngine's Mastering Object-Role Modeling course covers the vital skills for the development of Object-Role Models and database design with hands-on use of the Boston conceptual modelling software.

Over 3 days you will learn the theory behind Object-Role Modeling while building Object-Role Models from scratch. The benefits of using ORM are interweaved throughout the course and you will learn how to conceptualise and convert an Object-Role Model to a relational schema (for relational databases) and an property graph schema for graph databases.

Advanced topics are introduced throughout the course enabling you to converse with Object-Role Modeling professionals at ease.

Who is this course for?

People starting to work with Object-Role Modeling or ORM practitioners who need a refresh on the ORM methodology will benefit from this course.

The course answers the questions:

What is Object-Role Modeling?
What are the possibilities of using Object-Role Modeling?
What are the 6 components of any Object-Role Model?
What are the primary Object-Types of Object-Role Modeling?
What is Fact-Based Modeling?
What are Facts?
What are Fact Types?
What are the 'Roles' of Object-Role Modeling and why are they important?
How do I construct an ORM diagram?
What Constraints are used in Object-Role Modeling?
How do I convert an Object-Role Model to a database schema?


All materials and course notes are provided with the course.


Mareeba, Queensland, Australia.

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