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Semantic View Of Your Knowledge Graph

The FactEngine Semantic View

Enhance your semantic layer and data sources with the FactEngine Semantic View.

FactEngine is a world leader in semantic modelling, the development of a semantic layer for business rules, and business language data warehouse/lake/semantic layer queries. This is achieved by using the most semantically verbose conceptual modelling language available, Object-Role Modeling.

Semantic Views vs Semantic Layers

Many semantic layer technologies are semantic in name only. The FactEngine semantic layer lets you visualise your existing semantic layer and/or data sources in natural business language and query your data warehouse/lake/semantic layer in controlled natural business language or in natural language queries using a trained AI model fine-tuned to your data store.

Can I have both? Yes...the FactEngine Advantage is that you can keep your existing semantic layer and still use FactEngine's unique technology.

The semantic layer of your data store can be projected as natural language verbalisations so that business people can easily understand the data model.

Semantic View over your Semantic Layer

The FactEngine Semantic View provides natural language semantics of business objects and business rules over the top of your traditional semantic layer.


Multi-Model Visualisation of your Semantic Layer

Technical staff can visualise the data model as Property Graph Schema, Entity Relationship Diagrams or Object-Role Models.

Models are visualised in the Boston conceptual modelling software, available in the cloud, on your intra/extranet or on your Windows Desktop.