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Perceptible - General Purpose AI for Workflow

Cognitive Arcitecture for Autonomous Agents

Dialog meets Workflow meets Data meets Customers


Cognitive Architecture for Customer Service and Workflow Orchestration


Integrate Dialog Agents with your databases

Build Autonomous Agents that have access to your transactional (SQL/Cypher) database with Perceptible's Schema Aware Retrieval Augmented Generation.

Cognitive Framework

Use the Human-First Transactional Analysis based cognitive framework of Perceptible to realise great customer service experiences with the power of workflow management. Exploit architecture that marries AI, databases, chatbots, and workflow.

Perceptible & FactEngine were born to work with databases and natural language. Reduce project lead-times by integrating a framework designed to work with your database and IT infrastructure.


Conversation | Chat


Perceptible's workflow management systems by embraces a dynamic and adaptive approach. Unlike fixed flowcharts rigidly defining a sequence of steps, Perceptible allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness to real-time inputs. This is achieved through the use of PI-JSON (Pseudocode in JSON), a scripting language that enables the definition of executable workflows.

PI-JSON empowers developers to create modular, reusable components that can be easily combined and modified to suit various scenarios. By encapsulating business logic and defining checkpoints, milestones, and validations, the OSM ensures that workflows remain on track while allowing for necessary deviations when required. This adaptability is particularly valuable in complex, real-world situations where strict adherence to a predefined path may not always be optimal.

Perceptible seamlessly integrates conversational AI with workflow management and databases. By leveraging the power of LLMs, the OSM enables natural language interactions that feel intuitive and human-like. Users can engage with the system using everyday language, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals, regardless of their technical expertise. Perceptible contextualises conversations within the broader workflow.

Perceptible contextualize these conversations within the broader workflow. By maintaining a persistent conversation log and leveraging the Self-Assembled Context (SAC) framework, the OSM can keep track of the user's intent, previous interactions, and relevant data points. This context-aware approach allows for more targeted and efficient interactions, reducing the need for repetition and ensuring that the conversation remains focused on the task at hand.

Leveraging the FactEngine framework, Perceptible enables seamless integration between natural language interactions and structured data. Users can retrieve information, update records, and perform complex queries using everyday language, without the need for specialized knowledge of database query languages. This streamlines workflows and reducing the barrier to entry for non-technical users.