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The FactEngine Technology

FactEngine sits within the Boston enterprise modelling tool.

The advantages of incorporating FactEngine inside Boston is that you get the benefits of visualising your knowledge graph in four different conceptual modelling languages:

1. FactEngine's Knowledge Language;
2. Object-Role/Fact-Based Modeling;
3. Property Graph Schemas; and
4. Entity Relationship Diagrams.

The following is an example of ranging over a database in four languages, as one conceptual model. The text that you see at the bottom of each Object-Role Model is natural language verbalisations and FactEngine's Knowledge Language *. The second animation shows querying the database in natural business language.

Viewing an Enterprise Model in four languages within the one tool

Natural business language query over a database



* Knowledge Language © Victor Morgante, 2020, is a derivative of Constellation Query Language, © Clifford Heath.