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FactEngine is a fundamental innovation in the way databases are perceived and used. Any database can be queried with graph queries and natural language*.

A typical FactEngine query looks like the following:

Make the intuitive leap to conceive of your relational or hierarchical database as a graph database and perform business intelligence over your data in a manner not possible before now.


Use Fact-Based Modelling to capture your enterprise domain

Fact-Based Modelling is database agnostic and captures the semantic information of your enterprise. Use Object-Role Modelling to model your domain and the convert your model to a Property Graph Schema or an Entity Relationship Diagram. Generate the database definition script in Boston's code generator. Query your knowledge graph with FactEngine.



For Data Architects, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence and Business Analysts

Made for data professionals Boston and FactEngine present your enterprise model in natural language or diagrams to your target audience. Provide and online glossary to the organisation to review your enterprise model.




Query your database or knowledge graph in natural language

The easiest graph query language to understand is natural language. Query any of your enterprise databases with one simple query language. FactEngine Query Language (FEQL) is made to make your life easier and provide the most convenient way to query your database.





FactEngine is in beta release now. Contact me for more information and a demonstration.

* FactEngine uses one query language, FEQL (FactEngine Query Language) or your database's native query language. Straight forward graph queries can be executed using ODBC for relational databases. For recursive graph queries or graph databases an adaptor is required for each database type.