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Minimise the number of databases you work with

Your enterprise possibly has many databases over which you need to run Business Intelligence (BI) queries. Sometimes an enterprise may purchase a graph database for a particular task.

This may not be necessary. With FactEngine's unique multi-model technology you can query your existing relational databases or document stores as if they were a graph database. FactEngine's natural business language queries are graph queries that operate over any database catered for by the FactEngine.

FactEngine is available as a Web Service (RESTFUL API) or from inside Boston. Boston is purpose built to manage enterprise schemas as a multi-model conceptualisation. This means you can view your database as a relational database, a graph database or a hierarchical database.

The animation below demonstrates the same conceptual model viewed as a property graph schema, an entity relationship diagram and an object-role model inside Boston.

Create you enterprise model in Boston and then query your databases in FactEngine.

Once you have your enterprise model in Boston, query your database with graph queries using FactEngine's natural business language queries: