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Boston v6.2 - Release Notes

Boston Professional v6.2 Release Notes

Boston Professional v6.2 is a patch release to Boston Professional v6.1
Release Date: 30th May 2022

A summary of the main commits follow:

- Can now create Property Graph Schema using the Shape Toolbox. Implemented Node Type dropping onto a PGS Page from the Toolbox;
- Implemented link creation for Property Graph Schema from within the Property Graph Schema page type;
- Implemented conversion of an EntityType to a FactType;
- Built Index Manager for use within Property Graph Schema page types. Finalising Conversion of EntityTypes to FactTypes;
- Can now add Properties to a PGS Edge Type from the PGS page type;
- Can now create PGS pages using the Virtual Analyst;
- Implemented Keyword Extractor (beta);
- Added functionality to Virtual Analyst. Now can create Internal Uniqueness Constraints for binary Fact Types.
- Added some shapes from the Richmond project;
- Added extra Organic Computing self-healing functionality;
- Implementing Add Property/Attribute for PGS Node Types;
- Made Subtype Relationship Identification Path setting more sophisticated;
- Sample Populations now instantly reflect errors/removal of errors for UniquenessConstraints;
- Index objects now removed form Columns when Index is removed. Reflects in ERD view;
- Fixed verbalisation bug for Fact Types (one to many);
- Fixed Copy/Paste error when copying just an EntityType without its CompoundReferenceScheme;
- Refined Brain FEKL function handling and BroadcastEvents in general;
- Fixed numbering bug in SequenceNrs for RoleConstraintRoles in RoleConstraintArguments;
- Implementing FEKL Statements in FBM Interface (Client/Server message handling/API);
- Implemented FEKL Statements in FBM Interface (Client/Server message handling/API);
- Small fix to Entity Type Instance, SetReferenceMode
- Added more documentation to the Boston database (within the database);
- Refined Broadcast events for RoleConstraints;
- Implemented ErrorCode, ErrorMessage and FEKLStatement to the WCF Interface;
- Fixed query bug in FactEngine. Certain FactTypeReadings were not being recognised because Objects were being compared rather than Ids of ModelElements;
- Fixed My.Settings upgrade problem (assembly to assembly);
- Migrated 'Viev' string values in code to 'FactEngine';
- Fixed upgrade process (My.Settings not being upgraded) bug in new assembly management regime;
- Fixed bug removing FrequencyConstraint from Model. Now removes from Page successfully;
- Fixed bugs with Frequency Constraints (Instance management and Instance properties);
- Fixed bug where Role Value Constraints loading on a Page would erroneously replay the Fact Type to which the Role Value Constraint was ultimately joined;
- Added CodeSafe: OrganicComputing: to loading RoleConstraintRoles and where the Argument of the Role can't be found;
- Fixed cutting-pasting errors-From one Model to another. Serialisation errors (lists not being serialised etc);
- Fixed Copy/Paste Bug - Could not copy/past Fact Type (Instance) with Fact (Instances);
- Main Form [Session]->[Save All] was loading unloaded models. Changed to only saving those Models loaded and dirty.
- Stability improvements;
- Fixed XML model loading problems.
- Minor bug fixes.

Known Issues:
- Role Value Constraints do not show on reloaded pages.
- FactEngine doesn't cater for unary fact types in all cases at this stage
- Unary Fact Types may not be translated to a boolean attribute/property in the Entity Relationship and Property Graph views in all cases.

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