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Boston v6.6 - Release Notes

Boston Professional v6.6 Release Notes

Boston Professional v6.6 is a patch release to Boston Professional v6.5
Release Date: 9th January 2023

A summary of the main commits follows:

- Minor bug fixes;
- Improving GOAsync in FactEngine;
- Introduced String variable type to the Code Generator for managing List of String;
- Implemented code changes for Boston/FBM to NORMA .orm file export;
- Can now 'log in as ...' another user when in Superuser Mode for a User;
- Can edit and delete nodes for Neo4j using the Database Table Data toolbox;
- Can create new nodes for Neo4j using the Database Table Data toolbox;
- Adding ability to create/edit data in Neo4j using the Database Table Data toolbox;
- Can now delete Reference/Configuration Tables;
- Improvements to natural language transformation in FactEngine;
- Improvements to transformations in FactEngine;
- Can now upload new Reference Tables, or append to existing Reference Tables/Configuration Tables;
- Improvements to storing of DBName for Value Types;
- Can now export Reference Table values (configuration items) to XML;
- Checking in Model Element Appears on no Page error validator;
- Improvements to the FEKL Uploader;
- Acronyms can now be used in 'IS AN ENTITY TYPE' type FEKL Statements;
- Improvements to FactEngine for Neo4j
- Improvements to Natural Language Transformations in FactEngine;
- Added FactEngineQueryTransforms configuration item;
- Bug fixes in FactEngine for Neo4j;
- FEKL Uploader now supports Page creation and adding model elements to a Page;
- Released FEKL (FactEngine Knowledge Language) Uploader tool;
- Can now configure the URI of the Boston Server;
- Object-Type / Model Element names can now have - characters in them;
- The Virtual Analyst will now show Auto Complete suggestions for the first word (Model Element) after more than one character has been typed;

Known Issues:
- FactEngine doesn't cater for unary fact types in all cases at this stage

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