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Value Type Creation - FEKL

The following are examples of Value Type creation statements written in FEKL:


I.e. Where ‘Company Name’ is the Value Type being created, and StringFixedLength(100) defines the Data Type applicable to the Value Type.

Value Types can also be created when creating a Fact Type for pre-existing model elements, for example:


 I.e. Where ‘Company Name’ is a Value Type and ‘Company’ is a pre-existing Object Type (Entity Type or Objectified Fact Type). If using this type of statement in the Virtual Analyst, Briana the virtual analyst will ask you if you want to create a new Entity Type (i.e. e.g. for ‘Company’). See the ‘Fact Type creation’ section for more details.

Value Types can also be created automatically when defining the Reference Mode for a Value Type. For example, the Value Type, ‘Company_Id’ is automatically created in the model when the Reference Mode for the ‘Company’ Entity Type is defined in the following statement:

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