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Roles govern what individual Users can do within Boston based on the Functions allocated to those Role.
NB While a User may have various Roles, the Roles that they play within a Project can be further restricted by the Roles allocated to each User within the Project.

For instance, the following are example Roles withing Boston:

1. Modeller;
2. Project Leader;
3. Relational Modeller; and
4. Superuser.

For example, when allocated to a Project and while editing that Project, the User, Victor Morgante, may be restricted to playing the Roles of Modeller, Relational Modeller and Superuser within that Project, as below.

Functions within Roles

The Functions allocated to the Modeller Role, say, may permit a User to perform various Functions over a Model within Boston (e.g. Create a Model, Delete a Model, etc).

The Superuser Role, within Boston and for instance, permits a User to perform various high-level and security sensitive Functions within Boston.

For instance, when editing the Modeller Role, below, we can see that the Modeller Role includes such Functions as creating a Model, altering an Entity Type within a Model, and even Creating a Group within Boston.